Lean Manufacturing solutions

Gravity Shelves implemented in an Automotive Factory

Lean Manufacturing solutions

Pioneer in Lean Manufacturing solutions

We create solutions that make our customers more productive. 

ErgonomicsSafetyModularityCustomization and Effectiveness, BG Log UK is more than a simple supplier.

The real partner to start implementing Lean Manufacturing.


BG Log UK, Lean Manufacturing solutions to assist you in Continuous Improvement


Just one partner from analysis to solution: we take care of all phases of the logistics optimization projects, offering our customers considerable time and resource benefits.

Lean Manufacturing Safety

Lean Manufacturing increases safety inside your plants

Safety is a top priority for BG Log UK from the design phase.

We offer solutions where various elements are configured to guarantee a risk-free management of all handling flows. This because wharehouses must be considered as actual workplaces , where people must be able to operate safely.

  • Safe applications
  • Certified processing

Lean Manufacturing Customization

Our Lean Manufacturing solutions are modular and bespoke. Customization is a main task for BG Log UK

Each company has its own spaces, needs and goals. No solution is the same as the others.

We design and produce a fully customized solution built around your operations. BG Log is a partner enabling your company to always achieve top results.

  • Customized implementations
  • Turn-key projects